TO Blues
About Your Team


(But we like other dances too!)

Your Blues Battle Team has been doing this for a loooong time because we love it so very much. We stumbled into blues via St. Louis’ Cheap Thrills weekend way back in 2003 and thus began our slightly more than mild obsession with this particular dance. But we’ve also hosted dance competitions, exchanges, workshops and underground parties for all our friends!

During these events, you learned

(in no particular order):

Lindy, Balboa, Blues and other vintage dances
Hip Hop, Funk, Burlesque and more
Advanced dance techniques that pushed your limits
Performance and competition skillz
How to mix a proper drink
How to cure the hangover
What incredible friendship means
How to have so much fun you lose your voice (and don’t care)
Other things your mother very specifically warned you about…

We have the best friends in the world!


Toronto Blues always has something going on!