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Brain bustin’, booty-shakin’ classes!

Get Your Learnin' On


We've asked our fantastic Instructors to pick their favourite topics, something that's inspiring them at the moment, something they're REALLY excited about... and then we're giving them a solid chunk of time to explore it with you. Choose-Your-Own Dance-venture. Mix-and-Match as you see fit. Please share the secret if you figure out how to clone yourself. We really don't want to miss out on any of this awesomesauce!

CLASSES 11:00AM – 1:30PM

Solo Blues SO INTENSE…ive
Julie Brown

Do you want to perfectly embody the music you dance to? Do you want rhythm and mood to infuse every inch of your dancing body? Wow crowds and bystanders alike with your dance skills and repertoire? Show up to this solo intensive ready to work and by the end of class, mere mortals will cower in awe of your solo blues prowess.

The Most Awesome Dance Conversation Ever. Like, Seriously! Like, People Won’t Ever Want To Stop Dancing With You Because You’re So Good At Dance, Be You Leader Or Follower. Can This Title Be Any Longer? Yes It Can. See What We Did There?
Shawn Hershey and Flouer Evelyn

Our favourite dances include deep listening and responding to one another, surprising creativity, superb connection to the music, and rich vocabulary. Over the full session we’ll focus mostly on a combination of how to deeply listen and respond to each other as well as blues vocabulary that makes this possible. While exploring vocabulary we will generalize movement so that you can create infinite variations that can be used by followers and leaders alike. Seriously Infinite. Assuming we figure out how to upload you to the matrix and the universe never dies, you will forevermore have amazing dances that feel like unique special flowers between two people. Or two entities. Or two immortal beings. Or whatever we’re called once we’re in the matrix.

LUNCH 1:30PM – 3:00PM

We’re giving you an extra long lunch to process all that learnin’.

Hook up with your classmates, go partake of Toronto’s yummiocity, and get ready for a brain bustin’ afternoon!

Red Herring

Toronto’s Professional Distraction… this redhead knows how to make a crowd look her way! When she’s not planning a bank heist, she’s shaking her tail feathers across Toronto’s stages. They say there’s no rest for the wicked, so you’ll rarely catch her having a nap. She throws knives, cracks whips, and plays with swords. And now we’re setting her free to run amok amongst the Blues dancers. This is gonna be good!

CLASSES 3:00PM – 5:30PM

Damon Stone and Joy Arico

Don’t come to this class. You aren’t ready. They will pontificate and force you to try all sorts of things requiring astounding musicality and supreme control of your body. They’ll fail to call rotation and constantly tell you that you are doing it wrong. Those flagellants who insist on showing should bring Diet Coke and coffee instead of apples and maybe they won’t try to melt your brain. Nope. That was a lie. They’ll try to melt your brain anyway.

Jered Morin and Brooke Filsinger

Grab some popcorn and join us as we journey through space and time (not really) to examine Blues movement through film! We’ve got a bunch’o’cool clips you probably haven’t seen that we can’t wait to share! We’re gonna examine the Blues moves and movement in each short clip and then we’re gonna try each one ourselves as we move through history as captured in film! Hardcore dance movements that will break your brain juuuuuuuust after it breaks your body! And history!! And popcorn!!!

More Booty-Shakin', Brain Bustin' Learnin'


We're mixing things up again to see just how much crazy we can pack into this day. Don't worry... we promise you'll get some learnin' done too!

11:00AM – 12:00PM

Flouer Evelyn and Natalya Alissa

Because the best way to get over last night’s fun is to just jump on that horse again! We promise these two are dreamin’ up something super crazy special to kick your butt into gear for another day of fun and challenging classes!

12:00PM – 2:00PM

Damon Stone, Flouer Evelyn, Heriberto Perez, Jered Morin, Joy Arico, Julie Brown, Natalya Alissa, Randy Panté, and Shawn Hershey

Don’t sleep in too late on Sunday… we’ve got our Choose-Your-Blues Intensive! You’ll be working in a small group with one of our fantabulous instructors – and we’re (probably) even letting you choose which one! It’s practically a private lesson!

2:00PM – 3:00PM


Go get your food on!

Or even better… if you bought Sunday’s ‘Let’s All Eat Lunch Together’ ‘Taste of Toronto’ Option, don’t go anywhere! We’re bringing the food to you.

3:00PM – 5:00PM


We want to end your classes on a high note… literally! So what do we have planned? We aren’t telling… yet… but as anyone who was here last year can tell you – it’s gonna be something special! Hold on to your undies… you’ll be talking about this one for quite some time!