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Party HOT Spots
Music that MOVES
BB Rides Again
It's a Blues Battle

Let's Get Ready to Rumble... Again...

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    We brought you the craziness that was MezzJelly! And then we brought you something new, something different, something you had never seen before! And then we did it again.

    You’ve partied ’til the sun came up, danced ’til your feet ached, busted out some sweet (surprising?) moves, drank the house dry… and we’ve loved every minute of it!

    So we’re putting it all on the line ONE LAST TIME

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    Bust Your Brain Learnin’

    It’s skill building time! We’re committed to bringing you the BEST classes with Instructors ready to push you to the limit.

    Build your perfect weekend with “Choose Your Blues!” Everyone learns best in their unique way. So we’ve got class tracks specifically tailored to your interests and your learning styles.

    You’ll be challenged! You’ll be inspired! You’ll be ready to step into the ring!

    Class Details

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    Party HOT Spots

    Dance ’til your feet ache!

    Party ’til the sun comes up!

    Drink the house dry!

    Don’t stop ’til you get enough… and our Battling Bands and DJs will ensure there’s always more for the gettin’! We’ve been lining up the BEST MUSIC we can find to make sure the The fun don’t stop ’til you drop!

    Schedule & Locations

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    The Battles

    Blues Battle will pit cities against each other in a friendly, TO THE DEATH (not really to the death), EPIC SHOWDOWN!


    DJ Heavyweights Battle, GameMaker Throwdowns, Battle of the Booze?!? (Com’on… you know it’s gonna happen at some point or another)

    Schedule & Locations

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    Head GameMaker

    Be prepared! There can be only One Head GameMaker and we didn’t make this choice lightly. Our GameMaker possesses vast superhuman abilities and extraordinary powers. She will rule this Battle with an Iron Fist, doling out rewards and punishments as only she feels fit. Mere mortals cannot understand the seemingly random manifestation of her powers. She sees all, she hears all, she acknowledges achievements unlocked.

    You may be asking, why does this Battle need a GameMaker?!? Because, The Game is Afoot! Will you be the recipient of a Special GameMaker award?!?

    Schedule & Locations

Toronto, Canada
June 17-19,2016


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